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Well here it is Monday morning again.

I don’t mind it so much because I am only working half a day because I have my diabetic class to go to.

Then I have to go and talk to Meals on Wheels for my sister Cyndi to see if I can get her started on that.

Then I have to go and sign some papers at our lawyers for our house, and then the rest of the day is mine.

Well I will be cooking dinner in that mix as well.

I am reading Sandra Brown’s new book  and I have to say it is rather dry and boring.

A first for her as I usually like her books.

But this one, titled “Sting” is not one of her best.

Granted I am only half way through it but still by now it should be enthralling and it isn’t.


Still wish I was heading to the beach.

Maybe next April…….




Posted September 12, 2016 by Marge in ramblings

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