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painful eyes

I am going to fill this blog full of complaining.

I could complain about the heat, or complain that I am a peon and no one really gives a crap about me here at work

Or that I have to run my tail off today to get things set up for lunch and then tear it down again with just a few more minutes of time.

I asked well  it was close to begging teachers not to open windows and doors and bring the humidity  back into the school, but did anyone listen?
Of course not.

And now it is hotter then hell in here again.

I did my morning chores and sweat was pouring off me like I was standing under a shower.


Yeah it is September in Iowa, I should be use to it, but if people listened to me and kept windows and doors shut, it wouldn’t be as hot in here as it is.


Some days I hate my job……

Okay, end of rant……




Posted September 7, 2016 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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