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So now that I am probably diabetic.

(I haven’t gotten the official word yet)

I am taking great pains in planning my meals.

I have gone exactly 9 days without sugar and I thought it would be so hard to give it up, but it is actually quite easy.

I am eating a lot of fruit though so I am getting natural sugars through those fruits.

I did cheat and had two margaritas last Friday night which probably wasn’t the best for me, but I feel if I go off the diet once in a while it can’t hurt that much……right?


And I haven’t  cheated since then.


I told myself I am only weighing myself once a week.

Every Saturday morning after I shower.

I can tell I am losing because my stomach and thighs are thinner.

It is a great feeling to lose weight.


My meals mostly consist of various fruits and vegetables and some protein.

I am eating mostly fruits over vegetables although I did have corn and green beans yesterday.

According to the internet beans of all kinds are great for diabetic people.

I am not a big green bean fan but I ate them yesterday.

Today’s menu is two hard boiled eggs for breakfast, a grapefruit, banana, a salad for lunch and a small bowl of strawberries for dessert.

Not sure what dinner will bring but probably oranges and some protein.

I can’t say I am ever really hungry but I am trying to eat small five meals, mostly fruit in between my main meals.

I am going to get healthy and having diabetes just makes me more determined to do so…..








Posted August 29, 2016 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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