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Grandchildren night   Leave a comment

we had our four youngest grandchildren over last night.

All four are still sleeping although Keira and Bailey are semi awake.

It is always an enjoyable time but Bailey was up till nearly eleven and she was very fussy and overly tired.

When the other three are awake and playing she refuses to sleep

Guess she is afraid she will miss something.

It makes it hard to sleep when they are here but it is one night every other weekend so it is worth it.

Keira made me a pretty picture of a flower and it says “Love you  Nana”

so that was sweet of her.

She has favored me this weekend for some reason.

I have the picture on the fridge.

Later today after the grandkids are gone Brian and I will go kayaking.

looks to be a cloudy day but it should be relaxing.


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