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I was thinking today how it seems a bit insane to take two to three thousand dollars to go to Florida yet again when I could put that two or three thousand on a bill and get out of debt faster.

I have even been thinking that I should get a second job this winter to help make that happen quicker.

I want to quit working before ten years are up.

I detest my job in so many ways…

I just want to retire.

So now I need to figure out how to make ends meet faster to make the retirement happen sooner.



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rearview mirror

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Well the weather men got it wrong again.

They said there was a cool down in store for us after the rain we got last night.

bull crap!

it is muggier then hell out there and miserable in this school.

I’ve been here two hours and am covered in sweat.

how I hate humid weather.




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