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The little girl in me~   Leave a comment


Not once when I was a child did I dream of traveling….

My life was mud pies and running through knee high grass…..playing in broken down cars and pretending we were cowgirls riding our horses….(which were tree branches in reality)

When I was a child I was content in my little life with my sisters and my mother.

We didn’t have much but we had it all in a sense with our love for each other.

Now that I am an adult I think often of traveling.

I so enjoy it.

I have a sister that asked me why I was so unsettled in life that I looked forward to vacations so much….

I don’t have an answer…..

My mother, God rest her soul, was a dreamer…..

And I guess I got that dreaming from her…..

My childhood was wonderful until I realized what others had and we lacked….

Until I realized we were poor and lived on welfare.

Until I realized that divorced women were frowned upon.

That people living on welfare were frowned upon.

I never had a father…..and that is a handicap for a child….

No child should have to grow up with out two parents.

I sort of got off track here……about how things have changed….

Sometimes I yearn to go back to that little girl, where life was so simple…..

And my mother was alive…..




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promises of rain~   Leave a comment


They say it is going to rain and turn cooler…..

That is what they say and I do hope they are right…..

It would be nice to not have to sweat so much…..


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Words so true….   Leave a comment


Only I limit myself to what I can and can not do.

Okay money limits things too….

But I need to remember I can do anything…

Where there is a will there is a way~

Determination makes the impossible, possible


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Me and books   Leave a comment

I know this is going to sound crazy….I know it because I look at my books and think……when are you ever going to read all of these?

In the past two months I have bought 20 new books.

I buy them on sale so therefore they don’t cost a lot.

Some were a mere four dollars…..

But 20 books!
I know I have all winter to snuggle down and read…..

I am running out of room to put them…..



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Floridians or Iowans?   Leave a comment

My sister and her son and his wife are trying to decide if they want to remain in Florida or move back up to Iowa.

My sister’s daughter-in-law wants to move back to Iowa.

But I think my nephew really doesn’t want to.

My sister is undecided.

I know they all hate Iowa winters, which is understandable to a point.

It does get damn cold here in the winter time.

But it is beautiful here too in the winter.

I’m sure sooner or later a decision will be made.

I offered to help them move back but I am not sure if they will need my help.

I do know I love going to Florida when it is winter here.

Or spring, or fall to be honest.

I’m not crazy about Florida in the summer.

I hate heat and humidity and they are full of it in the summer months.

Like my sister said it would be great to have a winter home in Florida…..


Floridians or Iowans?
Only they can decide……




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wake me up before you go~   Leave a comment

If you leave me, wake me up before you go~

If you see me snoring up a storm, wake me up before you go~

If you want my assistance, wake me up before you go

If you want to talk to me, wake me up before you go~

Where is this going?
I don’t know….just don’t let me sleep through something fun and pleasant






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in my dreams~   Leave a comment


in my wildest dreams I would be standing on the top of the highest mountain in the world.


I would travel to Alaska and Canada


I would travel the world~

I would learn to fly a plane, master the art of horseback riding.

Learn to play the piano and the guitar…

Write the next great American Novel~


spend another day with my mother, my grandmother, my sister Linda, my husband’s parents and grandmother…..

Spend a day talking to God one on one and His son Jesus.

In my dreams I would live a life enriched with the wonder of things out of my reach in this life.

Good thing dreaming is free.



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Country living   1 comment


there is a house for sale between my town and Iowa City where I work and I would love love love to have it.

It is in the country right on highway 6 with about four or five acers.

How I would love to have it.

But unfortunately my pocket book can’t afford it.

I grew up in the country and I wish I could move back to the country.


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Tantalizing Tuesday   Leave a comment


Tantalizing Tuesday, yeah right.
Just another day in the life of this working woman.

Yeah I know I should be thankful for this good paying job…..and I am, I really am…..

I just wish for some time away…..

My sister said they are not moving north so I can plan a vacation for this winter and not have to worry about it coexisting with her moving.

Think I will try for the end of December/early January for a quick trip to Florida.

Ideally I should find some where else to go but during winter Florida is generally the warmest place to be…..


I will spend half of it with my sister in Fort Myers and the other half ocean side.

I think we will drive this year because the air line tickets are so expensive.


daytona beach

I miss the ocean


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