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don't wait

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I am ready to go on vacation again.

Unfortunately I don’t have any vacation time to use till November 16th which is my anniversary date and then I get four weeks of vacation again.

Still I yearn to be on the road.

Weather it is west to the mountains or south to the beach….I just itch for vacation and not be here when school starts this year.

Alas…..dreaming again…..


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this school has become my own personal sauna.

I sweat profusely every time I walk into this place.

It retains heat and let me tell you it is about 90 degrees in here.

yes if one opened windows it would help a bit, but the main problem to me is that the teachers leave their blinds open and pulled up high, therefore it allows the hot sun to come in.

And having the sun beating down on the school for hours a day, keeps the heat inside the building.


The best thing about today is the weather men say it will be in the seventies all next week.

now if only those temperatures would stay and let’s hope┬áthe weather men are right.





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