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Here I am sitting on day 6 of my week with the dogs.

I am ready for it to be over and I have two and  a half days to go yet.

As I just wrote my sister in an email it isn’t a hard job taking care of these dogs but it is a demanding one.

Especially with Sully who thinks the world revolves around him

The more attention I give him the more he wants which irritates me

If I even try to give attention to one of the other dogs he is in my face demanding I pay attention to him.

Even now he is sitting right in front of my chair touching the chair and my legs with his back.


I read and watch TV and get a nap in whenever I can because these dogs do not allow me to sleep well at night.

It is frustrating and I am ready for it to be over.


I know enjoy my time off from work while I can……


I did finish “The Light Between The Oceans” and while it was decent it wasn’t as good as it could have been.






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