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Day one down…..sigh   Leave a comment

My grandson stayed over night with me last night.

His being here made the dogs a bit more rambunctious as my grandson is rather rambunctious.

Basically a healthy happy boy.

But the dogs don’t understand all that energy.

At any rate it went well except for the hour they had me up from three till four.

I’ve been cleaning some this morning.

Mainly because it is just a pig sty here with all the dog hair.

So I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.

I haven’t scrubbed the floors yet as I need the dogs to be outside for a while to get that accomplished and honestly it is a wasted effort since they come in and drag water everywhere when they drink some.

It is relaxing, being here, doing what I want when I want with no reason to rush.

I finished one book and am almost half way through another.

I brought six books and my nook (yes I found it) so I am keeping busy.

Aaron has been watching kids movies on TV so I haven’t had the TV much.

He will be going home here in an hour or two.

I wish I could retire and just live  this relaxing life.


Just 9 years and 9 months to go.





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