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My son and I went kayaking today and I have to say God talked to me today.

I was telling my son Brian  how I often think I would like to come out kayaking by myself on the river.

And no sooner did I say that and then I got too close to a tree in the river and it flipped me off the kayak and into the water.
I have to say if my son hadn’t been there I don’t know if I would have been able to make it.

Yes I had a life vest on and yes it kept me above water but just swimming and hanging on to the kayak to get to the river bank to get back on exhausted me.

God was telling me that I should NEVER EVER go into the river without someone else being with me.
I truly believe that.

And if Brian hadn’t helped me it would have been dicey.


Ugh…lesson learned Lord, lesson learned.

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