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Some days I think I should just move away and live by myself.

That way no one gets irritated with me or mad at me.

When someone does something 99% of the time and then suddenly doesn’t do it, and I question it, and they get pissed off, why don’t I just learn to keep my mouth shut??????

I get dirty looks, I get snapped at and I just can’t see why I am at fault?

More often then not I think I would be happier living on my own and that way I could do EVERYTHING the way I wanted to and not have someone come along behind me and do it the way they think it should be done.

I want to yell , “If my way isn’t good enough, then do it yourself from now on!”

But nope he waits till I do it and then  goes behind me and does it again.

He gets pissed if I question him.
He gets pissed if I try to get him to move faster on something….

I honestly think we would both be happier if I didn’t live in the same space he does.

But will he admit it?
Nope….because he doesn’t want to be the bad guy.


I think this week apart coming up in seven days will be good for us.

I really do.

Then if he keeps acting like he doesn’t like me, I will suggest we should make some changes…..







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