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Sunrise this morning in Iowa   Leave a comment




God sure does give us some beautiful sunrises and sunsets here in Iowa.


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Friday, busy weekend, hot and humid and kayaking   Leave a comment


It is finally Friday!
It seems like it has been a long week in some ways and in other ways it has gone fast.


It will be a family filled weekend.

Our eldest daughter Paula is coming down from Wisconsin.

We are having a gathering for my husband’s birthday tomorrow, although his birthday isn’t till Monday the 25th.

My eldest son Brian wants to go kayaking on Sunday and hopefully Paula will want to go too as she said it sounded fun.

We are having the youngest four grandkids over night tomorrow night.

I think about taking them to the fair but then again if it is boiling hot, no thanks.

I would rather deal with this~


Any day of the week then deal with hot and humid weather and heat indices up near 115 degrees.

No thank you.

I detest heat and humidity.

That is why summer is my least favorite season.

I detest bugs too so that is two strikes against summer.

But we have to get through it so I  will just stay inside my air conditioned home when it is this boiling hot.

I hope everyone has a blessed Friday.






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