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I’d like to put a bar in our kitchen and get rid of the dining room which is too small anyway.



I like the second one best and then this last one.

It would be cool and we could make the now small existing dining room a reading room or entry way….

I know it will never happen as long as my husband has any say in it.

Good thing dreaming is free.



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With winter coming I think of Florida more often.

Granted winter is over three possibly four months away, but I know it is coming and some years it is VERY long.

I told myself I wasn’t going this year unless I lost at least thirty pounds.

Well I best get busy because I haven’t lost anything yet.

I’m cutting back and trying to eat healthier but the scale reads the same.

It is such a slow process.

Still I am going to strive for it.

Spending part of the time in Fort Myers and part over on the ocean side.

IF I lose the weight…..

How am I betting????

Stay tuned…….


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