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Head Heart   Leave a comment


Heart weeps.  

Head tries to help heart.

Head tells heart how it is, again:

You will lose the ones you love

They will all go.

But even the earth will go, someday.

Heart feels better, then.

But the words of head do not remain long in the ears of heart.

Heart is new to this.

I want them back, says the heart

Head is all heart has.

Help head, help hear


Lydia Davis


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storms and heat   Leave a comment


We had some pretty good storms earlier and there is supposed to be more over night.

Plus the heat is going to be  hot hot hot on Thursday and Friday.

Hot like 96 and 97 respectively.


I hate the thought of it.

But not like I can do anything about it.

Chances are my husband will have to work over time to run engines to help with the overload of people using air conditioning.

So I shouldn’t complain.



Still if it is going to be that hot I should be in Florida.


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Off To See The Wizard~   Leave a comment

I don’t know why I have the above title other then it just popped into my head as I was logging into my blog.

And my brain said ‘go for it’



I’m at work with one coat of wax to do on a tiled floor and then it is up stairs to wipe/wash/scrub down the steps.

I’m doing the north side first as it is always the dirtiest


I’d really rather be on vacation somewhere but that isn’t going to happen so I will go scrub steps.



Posted July 19, 2016 by Marge in ramblings