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tired & some pictures~   Leave a comment

Good Lord I have been working non stop for the last seven hours except for a twenty minute lunch break.

I am exhausted.

I got everything I wanted done-done.

Which is a great feeling.


Oh I still have to put two coats of wax on half a classroom floor but that will be between working on steps tomorrow.


Such a great feeling to have all of that done.

Now on to offices and places where there is air conditioning.

After steps though, and if I push myself tomorrow I can get both staircases done.

55 steps, walls, railings and two entryways.

I am determined to do it…..



this is the parking lot of my school this morning at five forty when the sky was a bright reddish pink


the east side of my school


the north side of my school this morning


another picture of the north side of the school


east of the school again

the pictures just don’t do it justice.

This was how the sky looked about five minutes before it stormed.

It was awesome.



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Monday once again~   Leave a comment

nothing ever goes away

Here I am sitting on a Monday morning again.

How I hate them.

But it is what it is and I do have a ton of things to do.

Okay maybe not a ton but a few thousand pounds of stuff to do.

I crack myself up, I am so funny.

Ha ha…..

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