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I need to find some motivation to get moving here at work.

I am stuck in a “I don’t care about anything” mode.

I have two and a half rooms to clean yet on first floor.

I say two and a half because one room is actually a small office so it won’t take much to clean it.

I have both staircases to do and the east and north and south entry ways.

I also have the gym and kitchen and library to clean but the summer program is using those places so there is no point cleaning them while they are still here.

Oh I have the office, break room, nurses office and work room to do yet too.

IF I pushed myself today, which I doubt I will, I could get the art room done today.


Tomorrow we have that annoying yearly asbestos training.


I hate sitting for five hours listening to someone ramble on and then take a ten minute break every hour so that the smokers can go out and smoke.


The thought of it all makes me want to gag.

I am in a “Leave me alone, I need quiet time” state.

6 weeks from tomorrow school starts so…..I best put in some time today doing something worthwhile.

Can I just say I am tired of cleaning up after people……

Oh the joys of the job…..







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