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If I hold my breath and pray with everything in me, will life get better some day?
If I pray to Our Graciously Heavenly Father would He hear my prayers and say…..

Turn to me and hold me high.  I am the light and the way…..Open your eyes, your hearts and souls…….I am the answer to  all your needs”

And while I realize no one can force another to turn to God.
To realize that He is the only way to a better life, a better future….

Right now we live in such a horrifically horrible world where all anyone wants to do is kill each other.

The devil is working havoc on this world, this country, and it makes me sick inside, it makes me want to cry… literally makes me want to go home to Heaven so I don’t have to see the horrific way people treat other people….

No I am not suicidal.

No I do not want to die.

I just ache for this country, this world.

I ache for the hatefulness people feel to each other…

People say people hate blacks and that white people don’t value black people

That is just not true.
There may be some who don’t think blacks are equal but I think they are a minority.

If only people would turn to Our Lord.
If only this country, this world would realize that God is the answer.

Maybe someday when something more awful than anything that has come before has happened…. and maybe before it is too late….maybe someday….People will realize that God is all powerful, that God is the answer…..

All I can do is pray……

Someday…..maybe someday……..






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yes I would like to be frolicking at the beach right now.

sounds wonderful…..


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I realize I have only worked three days this week, but I Thank God it is Friday!
I am moving at a good pace here at work and looking ahead we will have about three weeks with nothing to do so I am not pushing myself today.

Still we are doing well and things will be clean by the time school starts.


I love my Friday’s.

To me it is the best day of the week.

I have probably said this before but I love Friday’s the most because I know I have two days off.

If I loved Saturday I would only have one more day off before the work week starts again.

So Friday is my day.

It is a great feeling knowing I don’t have to be back here till Monday morning.



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