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Had to go the entire day without internet at work.

Really hard to handle when one is use to having it and then having to be forced to go without.


Now I am home and fresh from my bath and my two youngest grandchildren are here.

Bailey is playing around with a baby doll and Aaron is playing games on my phone.


Not sure what we are having for supper but I am trying hard to eat lighter so I am quite hungry as I had a granola bar for lunch.

I told my sister if I can lose 35 pounds by New Year’s I will vacation down to Florida some time after the New Year.

If I don’t lose it I won’t go.

Trying to get myself in better shape or eat healthier and I need to give myself some incentive to do so…..

Hence the trip to Florida……maybe…..

Winter gets mighty long in Iowa every year so it will be nice to have a break IF I lose the weight.


Time will tell~

the beach





Posted July 6, 2016 by Marge in family, heartfelt, ramblings, vacations

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