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we are finally on the last Monday of this school year.


I am so ready for my ten weeks off with no kids.

I can clean and listen to my music and just not have to deal with the disrespectful brats that go to this school.

true I have today tomorrow and Wednesday to get through but the light is shining brightly at the end of the tunnel and it just makes me smile…….


way too fast

Monday blahs

here we  are on Sunday afternoon again.
Where does the weekend go to?
it is amazing to me how quickly they fly by.

Luckily for me after this Monday I am free of kids at my school for ten weeks!
it is the little things.



I have had a wonderful relaxing day.

My husband and I went out for breakfast and then we came home and I finished laundry hanging it out on our clothes line while my husband worked on moving his shed, to get ready to get the tree down to get his two car garage up.

it all went smoothly surprising us both.

We are now watching the nightly news both tired from a good day of working and enjoying life.

Do you ever feel like God is smiling down on you?
That is how I feel today.

Life is good and it is so relaxing to just keep busy doing little things that will one day be a bigger thing….

It was exceptionally beautiful too out.

Over all it was a great day.



I plan on being a lazy bum and sit in the sun today and just enjoy it and relaxing.

My Florida tan is fading fast so I want to replenish it.


Now just to find a book that holds my interest……

I am finding it hard to find a good book of late…..


in my world


in my world every day would be like yesterday weather wise.

75 with a gentle breeze and clear blue skies.

In my world if I could swing it I would never work again.

Such a dream!

In my world I must stop making bills so I can retire earlier.


Yes I dream a lot of the day I can retire.

I have said 55 (can’t happen0 or 65 but I honestly think it will be closer to 60

I just can’t see dealing with kids and people in general for ten more years.

I Just need to get my bills paid off so I can afford to live on my retirement.


such a dream!


my sister asked me how I was today?
I am blah

I hate everything.

I hate my job, I hate dealing with people and I just basically want to hibernate for a few weeks and recharge.

Yeah I know I just had a vacation 7 weeks ago.

But I need another one.

I would just love to get into my car and drive west.

No destination in mind.

Just drive…..





my grandson Aaron turns 6 today.

Hard to believe he is that old already.

He is a great little boy, ornery as can be but he has such a good heart.

And he adores his sister.

All around he is a perfect grandson.

My only one…..

Emily's birthday card

Day Tripping


Time goes by, waiting for time to pass so I can do this or that.

Waiting for school to get out so I can clean this building without interruptions.

Waiting for time to pass so I can work on this or that.

Waiting on my husband to do this or that…..


I’m not living in the moment.

I am living waiting for this moment or that one….


I need a change.


loving purple


my favorite color is green and will always be green but I am starting to love the color purple.

I love the color apricot too but there is something about purple that just makes me happy.

weird I know.