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Graduation plans   Leave a comment

my youngest daughter is going to officially graduate on May 26th.

She is going to walk across the stage with others graduating from Kaplan University.

I am going to have a party for her on June 18th.

Inviting my husband’s aunts and uncles and cousins.

I am inviting them because it has been years since we have seen them.


The last time was three years ago when my husband’s cousin Renee died.

Having a gathering should be a happy occasion.

I only hope they come.

It would be awesome to see them all.

We are having it at our house and I hope and pray it doesn’t rain.

Other wise it won’t be as enjoyable.

Below is the graduate


emily on her way to class




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The picture on my blog heading   Leave a comment


This is Alberta Canada.

wouldn’t it be cool to stand here and look at this beauty?

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The Beauty of Love   Leave a comment


when you love someone, you often  look past their faults.

when you love someone you try to be at your best 99% of the time.

when you love someone they should always be put first.

when you love someone you do what you can to make them happy, even go without things you would like… make them happy.

Love is a two way street, but if you really love someone their happiness comes before your own.

it is tough to do and hard to accomplish but it can be done.

Only thing is, do you give so much of yourself that you lose track of who you are in the process?


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not convinced today~   Leave a comment

today I am having my doubts about going back to school.

I am 55, and fully planned on retiring in the next ten years.

Why would I postpone that?
I make a good wage, so what if it isn’t stimulating work?

I once had someone tell me that I easily forget things because I don’t use my brain at work.

To be honest that totally pissed me off.

Like just because I am a custodian I don’t think?
I don’t plan things?

I don’t use my brain?

granted it isn’t a glorious job and I am not using my brain like a doctor would, however it is a good job.

And I DO want to retire in 10 years.

Sooner if I can…..

I just need to find some hobbies or something to keep me filling the void that I have inside of me.

Something to think about~

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