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here we are sitting on Sunday already.

where do the weekends go?
Granted we had a full day with the kids and grand kids here, and we still have Aaron and Bailey today.

We will go out to lunch with them and their mother and then we will have the afternoon to ourselves.

I have to clean the kids’ toy room as Bailey has a mess in there.

But other then that no great plans.

It is cold and out and very wet from raining.

I think there is still a chance of rain today.

So any outdoor activities are on hold.

I do plan on washing laundry and hanging them out tomorrow on my day off.

and working in the yard if it is drier.

Beginning a new year tomorrow as it is my birthday should be a bit more excited then it will be.

NO one puts forth any effort for the most part.

oh we got together yesterday and ate and spent the day together but no gifts


it is what it is.




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