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A year ago today~   1 comment

my heart broke into a million pieces a year ago today when I lost my dog Max

I so loved that dog and I miss him every day.

He was a wonderful friend and I miss him dearly


Just looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes.

Love you Maximus Andreas



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wish I was here…..

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when I am here at work and I have to deal with the hundred disrespectful, bratty children, I tell myself I MUST go back to school and get a different job.

I hate dealing with these brats.

I was told though that our school is calm compared to a few others.

So maybe I should just tune them out?

However while I still toy with the idea of going back to school one part of me says…..”you are too old to put that much money into college”

But the other part of me says “As long as there is breath in these lungs I am never too old for college”


I do hate my job.

but the pay is wonderful and I would hate to lose that….

However I will take it day by day.

Chances are I will just force myself to stick it out here…..



I need a vacation in the mountains~


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