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so I know this crusade I am  embarking on is for me and it will take some time.

I know I just need to start moving.

yes it may be one baby step at a time but I need to do something.

I am tired of being fat and feeling like I am a cow.

Yesterday my husband bought me a bike for my birthday.

I rode for ten minutes.

wow, like nothing at all right?
But I haven’t been on a bike for years and I don’t want to get burnt out or hurt and not continue with it.

so tonight I will strive for 15 minutes….tomorrow night 20 and so on…..

I have an exercise bike in the basement too so one days it rains I will have that to fall back on…..

I have been blogging for years, probably for about 12…..

and if I went back to the first few I know I would have wrote about my weight….and how I need to lose.

and I am 40 pounds heavier now…..

I must do it.

Just keep moving…..


Posted April 25, 2016 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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