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last night I was swinging my 19 month old grand daughter and the strap on the swing broke and she did a complete flip and landed on her butt.

I am thanking God because she could have easily landed on her neck and broke it.

It would have been horrific.

She didn’t even cry when she landed on her butt, she just looked at me in complete shock.

Thank You Lord for watching over my precious baby girl.

AND for ALWAYS watching over all of my loved ones.

It is in Your son Jesus’ name I pray


thank you God

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so I know this crusade I am  embarking on is for me and it will take some time.

I know I just need to start moving.

yes it may be one baby step at a time but I need to do something.

I am tired of being fat and feeling like I am a cow.

Yesterday my husband bought me a bike for my birthday.

I rode for ten minutes.

wow, like nothing at all right?
But I haven’t been on a bike for years and I don’t want to get burnt out or hurt and not continue with it.

so tonight I will strive for 15 minutes….tomorrow night 20 and so on…..

I have an exercise bike in the basement too so one days it rains I will have that to fall back on…..

I have been blogging for years, probably for about 12…..

and if I went back to the first few I know I would have wrote about my weight….and how I need to lose.

and I am 40 pounds heavier now…..

I must do it.

Just keep moving…..


Posted April 25, 2016 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings