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so not a bum day…..   Leave a comment

my husband got me a back hoe full of mulch so my bum day was non existent.

But I did get to work out in a beautiful 68 degree day.

I also got groceries and went to get the pants to my husband’s tux.


funny how plans change at the drop of a hat.



our eldest daughter will be here in the morning plus I have to see Keira and Kayla off to school and then we get Bailey at eleven and Aaron at three.

They (Aaron and Bailey) will both be staying over night tomorrow night after the rehearsal dinner

Wedding on Saturday and Aaron and Bailey over night that night as well.


Going to have a picnic on Sunday before Paula heads back to Wisconsin so after tonight the norm will be gone till Monday.


It will all be wonderful.





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Bum day   Leave a comment

I have a few errands to do today but mostly it will be a bum day

I have to go back to Coralville to get my husband’s tux pants.

They were too short, so therefore they have to lengthen them.

They were supposed to be done by two thirty yesterday afternoon but of course they didn’t contact me to say yes they were done.

So….I will call them today to make sure they are done before I go up there….


I have to go get grass seed and my husband is supposed to get me mulch so I can work on getting that spread around the flower beds.

My tulips and lilies are coming up nicely.


Two more days till the wedding.




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