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it has been another relaxing day at Daytona Beach today.

Such a lovely day.

true it is 85 degrees but there is no humidity to speak of and there is a nice breeze, so one doesn’t realize it is 85 out.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 75 so that will be nicer yet.

My husband’s friend in Iowa said it was snowing there.

Sure hope it warms up before long in Iowa.

I’m sure all of my plants are dying with this cold spell



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8 days from now   Leave a comment

in 8 days our youngest daughter will finally marry the father of her two children.

it has been a long time coming.

Aaron is almost 6 and Bailey will be 2 in August.

They have had a rocky go of it a few times but I am happy to say they are all on the same page and are actually looking forward to married life.

I am anxious for the day.

it will be beautiful.

em and adam

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