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Gunnison Colorado

My sister Kathy and I are talking about getting together with our three other sisters and two nieces to go and visit Colorado.

Our younger sister Wanda may be moving out there before we plan the trip for September.

One niece lives in California and may fly out to stay with us and then myself and the other 2sisters that live in Iowa plus our niece will drive out after our sister Kathy flies up from Florida.

I hope we can do it.
Carolyn our oldest sister loves Colorado and even lived there for a while.
I would love to do this vacation because Carolyn is getting older and who knows if she will be up for another vacation after this year?

Cyndi our second oldest sister isn’t in the greatest health so it would be awesome if she could make the trip as well.


Of course having our brother come down from Canada would be cool too but I don’t know if he would.

And I don’t know if all the others would even want him to?


Still I hope we can do this vacation.

Time is running out and we are all getting older.
it would be cool if we could do a vacation together before we lose anyone.




Posted March 29, 2016 by Marge in family, heartfelt, ramblings, vacations

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