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I just watched the movie “The Edge”

it is an older movie made in 1997

almost twenty years old

About three men who survive a plane crash in Alaska and how they survive the ordeal.

In reality the movie is filmed in Alberta Canada.

An incredibly beautiful place

I watched the movie  again just to bask in the beauty of the scenery.

It is breathtaking.

Jasper park Alberta Canada

this is at Jasper National Park in Alberta Canada.

Oh how I would love to be standing here.

I have a fascination for mountains.

Not sure why but I always have.
I just love their majestic beauty.


this is Mistaya River in Alberta Canada


and this is Lake Louise in Alberta Canada.

I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice.


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little bit~   Leave a comment

I’m a little bit excited that it is finally Friday!
I will get more excited the closer it gets to 3:30


I am a little bit anxious for vacation to roll around.

I know five more work days and 8 actual days before it gets here.

St. Petersburg Florida

I have a little bit of a cold, which annoys me because I just got over suffering with a cold for 3 and a half weeks.


I’m a little bit tired and the alarm woke me up for the first time in weeks.

I am almost always awake fifteen to twenty minutes before the alarm goes off.


Happy Friday!


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