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this is the original picture that I got my heading for


my beautiful Mount Rainer.


I do hope to visit her again some day……




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While I am going to Florida again this year, next year I plan to head to Montana and Wyoming.

Ideally I would love to go to Alaska on a cruise but I think that will have to wait another year or two so I can save for it.

I so badly want to see Orcas in the wild.

113OR AJ0026 001

Orca Whale Breaching Glacier Bay

they are beautiful creatures and I long to see them living in the wild.

113OR BW0001 001

A wild orca, Kachemak Bay, Alaska



don’t they almost look like they are posing for the camera??

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no snow   Leave a comment

they took the snow out of our forecast.

which thrills me to no end.

we need to be done with that crap and my back is eternally grateful that we won’t have it tomorrow.



it’s great at Christmas time but the grass is green and flowers are coming up.

we do not need snow.


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I have a back ache due to moving heavy science kits here at work.

I love the cool rain outside and the fresh smell it leaves lingering.



It is hump day so I should be excited right?
Only seven more actual work days before I am on vacation.

daytona beach

I am also doing the building check this weekend and since it is a holiday I will get six hours instead of three.


Started working at five oh five this morning when I am not allowed to punch in till 7.

of course I was busy working and forgot to punch in.


It can be corrected when I punch out, but then it shows my boss that I am working when I’m not supposed to be, which he told me I can’t do.


still waiting to get my flowers delivered this week


First they said they would come today via UPS but today I get an email that says it will be Friday or Saturday.


They need to come before I go on vacation and I need to get them planted!

I’m sure I am worrying for nothing.

I have 11 days till I fly to Florida……so hopefully I will have plenty of time.







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