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I hurt, I ache, and Lord knows I am out of shape.

working a 12 hour day is just too much for this old body anymore.


but my wonderful husband came in to help me, he vacuumed more then I did but I had bathrooms to clean and garbage to take so that is why he did more vacuuming.

still his helping saved me at least two if not three hours of doing it alone.

He is a great guy that is for sure……


It is supposed to get to 65 today.

I am thinking of taking off early but yet ….maybe I won’t.

although it is supposed to be the only nice day we have this week.

back to cold and chances of snow the next few days.

not that it will stick or stay around for very long.

The snow I mean……





Everything is green and the trees are budding so…..the snow will actually be good for the grass and plants at this time of year



12 more days till we fly to Florida!








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