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I found this picture on the internet titled “Experience Life” and thought it was a cool picture.

only now that it is blown up do I realize the man is naked.

oh well…..

Does everyone experience life every day, or do we all sleep walk through it?

I would say 90% of my life I sleepwalk through……… why?
because it is the same thing day in and day out…..

nothing much changes….

oh we get older and the grandkids get older but for the most part everything is the same~~


we are having the kids and their families over for Easter dinner this coming Sunday and I have decided to change up the menu.

Instead of ham, mashed potatoes and the works  I am making Chicken enchiladas and my husband is going to make  taco casserole

in the 35 years we have been married we have always had a big meal of ham and potatoes on Easter.

This year I am going to break from tradition and do something else.

Spark up life.

Get away from the norm…..


Happy Monday every one!




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