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today is my first day off and we have my grandson and youngest grand daughter.

Aaron has to go to school but his sister will stay with us all day.

Bailey has the chicken pox.  Or should I say she is getting over them.

They hardly affected her at all except that she isn’t in the greatest moods.

the pox have graced her skin with about thirty pox or so and they are drying up now.

Yes she had the chicken pox vaccine but the doctor told my daughter one in thirty  children still get the chicken pox.

Bailey is one in thirty.

so every now and then she has an out burst and cries or throws fits.

this is so out of character for her that I think it just has to do with having the chicken pox.


Grandchildren are wonderful and I am a truly blessed woman.

Maybe once Aaron goes to school Bailey can settle down a bit.





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