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Today March 15th   1 comment

Today is my sister Kathy’s birthday.
She is 53 Kathy

This picture was taking almost five years ago but it is of me, my sister Wanda and Kathy.

The birthday girl.

Kathy is my best friend.
She is my confidant.

She is the closest thing to me, I believe.

we don’t always see eye to eye, but for the most part we are close.

I love her dearly.


TODAY IS ALSOΒ  my youngest daughter’s birthday.

Emily is 27 today.

em and adam


this is her with her soon to be husband Adam.

Emily is a hot head and stubborn and my baby.

I love her but don’t always agree with everything she says and does.

But she is getting older and growing up and I am proud of her.

Happy birthday ladies!


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flowing   1 comment

girl on rock

are you the type of person who does the same routine every morning without even thinking about it?
I usually am.
Today though I decided I am taking a different way to work.

I am going to be adventurous.

It still got me here and as I was driving I thought to myself, why do I limit myself?
Why do I just flow through life and stay half awake?

I’m going to have to change that.
Mix it up every now and then.

Don’t be predictable.

Be adventurous.


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