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grandchildren filled weekend   Leave a comment

we have our four youngest grandchildren tonight.

we will get Keira and Kayla at two and then Bailey and Aaron at five.

Bailey has chicken pox so hopefully it will work well if she isn’t too fussy.

her mother said she is in good spirits considering so……

I am taking at least one if not two of the grandkids back to Wilton to house sit and watch their dogs and stay over night because I can’t see making the dogs stay kenneled up for twelve plus hours.

that just seems inhumane to me.

so if Kayla and Aaron want to go with me Keira can stay here and help grandpa with Bailey.

OR Keira can go with me and the other two an stay here.

I don’t see taking all three and just leaving Bailey with grandpa but I suppose that is possible too.



tomorrow we will have them till noon at least and then the rest of the day I will probably spend being a bum.



my flowers are coming up and it is near sixty outside but….that isn’t going to last.

so I may have to cover them some nights if it gets really cold again.

I still have my cold.


In three weeks we will be flying to Florida

daytona beach

and in five weeks my youngest daughter will be getting married.


Busy times are coming…..