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Today I feel frumpy, and not at all excited about being at work.

I think my cold is worse again, my throat hurts and I just feel old and blah.

It is Friday which is great and I have a two day work week next week.

wish I had the money to go see my sister in Florida for those five days off but I don’t.

she has to work anyway but it would be fun to hang around her job and watch what she does all day.


Today starts the new diet, which consists of nothing but fruits, vegetables and protein.

no sugar, or potatoes which includes rice and noodles.

I hope it works.

if it doesn’t I will cut out fruits.

I read somewhere that just eating meat and vegetables is good for a person.

of course those who don’t eat meat would disagree with me.

And all the while I am craving a mountain dew, which is weird because I haven’t had a pop for 2.5 months.

and Mountain Dew wasn’t my choice of a drink…..


Thank God it is Friday..




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