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missing the ocean….


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apricot roses

I ordered more flowers on line today.

this time for the shade on the east side of my house.


I so love flowers and I love working in my flower beds.

My tulips are coming up and I’m scared it will freeze again and they will be ruined.

but as far as the weather men say it is supposed to be in the sixties for the next seven days so..

hopefully all will be well.



I would love to grow roses but I have never had any luck with keeping them alive.

Maybe I will try again one day…..


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I wish I could say I am bright eyed and bushy tailed, but that would be a lie.

I am still suffering with this damn cold.

Can’t breath out of my nose, can’t stop coughing and just feel like crap overall.

but as soon as the Tylenol takes effect I will be able to make it through this day.

Even my stomach muscles hurt because I have been coughing so much.



It is another beautiful day in Iowa.
No it won’t be 70 like it was the last two days but 55 is decent with sunshine.

And it will be in the high 60’s this entire next week so we really can’t complain

we could be butt deep in snow and freezing temperatures.

It is only March after all.


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