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ten years ago today this handsome young man took his own life.

He was barely 16.

Every year I think of him on his birthday  on February 7th, and then on this day, the anniversary of his death.

He was wonderful boy who got lost in the life of depression.

I didn’t know him well but I did know him and would say hi to him when I saw him.

He was my daughter Emily’s friend.

I remember when he was a baby I thought “this boy is going to break girl’s hearts with those eyes of his”
He did break hearts, dozens of them…..but he did it by dying.

I know he is in Heaven with our Lord and I know I will see him one day.

In the meantime I am thinking of you always Ben…….

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I am here at work and I got here at 5 am.

I will be here at least until 6 pm so that I can have tomorrow off.

I know, how ridiculous!

but it is what it is and I want to have tomorrow off so I will work the thirteen hours today


I have sisters coming on Saturday and my son’s birthday dinner on Sunday so my weekend is incredibly busy.

I need some down time.

Tomorrow I will take my son back home after he brings his car to our town to get it tuned up.

Then I will go get groceries for Sunday’s dinner.

Friday I work a 13 hour day again to have Monday off.

IF I get it off.

my boss hasn’t approved it yet.

hopefully he will though.

On top of entertaining both days I have my four younger grandchildren Saturday night so needless to say…’s going to be a crazy weekend.


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