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I went to bed last night at ten thirty and slept off and on till eight this morning

I say on and off because I got up to use the bathroom three times and woke at four, five and six am.



Went to get groceries and now after I answer my sister’s email I will start cleaning.


I use to be a first thing every Saturday morning type of cleaning person.

But I have become lazy and do it when it feels like it needs done.

no set schedule as my husband sweeps and vacuums off and on during the week.


It is a cool 50 degree’s outside.

Cool because yesterday’s wind was a balmy southern wind.
Today’s is more of a northern wind which makes for it to be on the cold side.
The sun is shining full force though which is awesome.


Not spring yet although the warmer weather does make me want to go work in the yard.

No point though as it is only February 20th.

Some of my blubs are sticking up in my flower bed though


way too soon for that.



Posted February 20, 2016 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings

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