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should have stayed in bed…..   Leave a comment


the cosmic forcing are working against me today.

seems like I can’t get anything right and have been having little mishaps.

the latest and worse so far was I was reaching up on a high shelf to get some detergent and a bottle full of hand sanitizer decided to fall .

The bottle was plastic but of course when it hit the floor the lid flew off, caking me all over my back in hand sanitizer.

this is a gooey substance that not only hit me but the floor and my desk as well.


I should have stayed in bed…..



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insanely cold   Leave a comment

we got about an inch and a half of snow last night so I just came in after shoveling.

the wind makes it one above and it feels bitterly cold.


I am so ready for spring.


It has been a mild winter though so I really shouldn’t complain.

still my face and legs still feel frozen.


Posted February 9, 2016 by Marge in ramblings