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zippity do dah day

it is Friday and while I am thrilled with that I am also feeling ick.

I wish I wasn’t at work.

Yes I could fake being sick and go home but I am already here so why would I do that?
And besides in my way of thinking if I take a sick day……it will be that much longer before I can take one again.
I like having that sick day out there for me to use any time I want to, weather I’m sick or not.

If I use it…..then I am less inclined to want to call in sick again any time soon.

The last time I called in sick was the day before Thanksgiving when I had the flu.

Okay that was just over two months ago but still….the longer I can hold out not calling in sick the better.


plus it is Friday and I do have the next two days off.

so that is nice.



Sleeping late tomorrow will be wonderful.

My late is 7 AM  but it is better then 4 AM.




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