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the beach

Florida in April here we come!
two months from today we will be flying the friendly skies to Daytona Beach again!
can’t wait!

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it’s time to move south I think.

To view my beloved green every single day of the year is like heaven on earth.

I was just outside for two hours spreading sand down on the slick sidewalks.

It melted yesterday but started freezing about six thirty this morning so that required me to put sand down on all of the sidewalks outside of my school


Now I just need to convince my husband and kids and their families to move with me. to Florida.



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it is cold and very windy and sort of raining here in south east Iowa today.

They delayed school two hours but I don’t think that was necessary as it isn’t bad weather wise just damp and windy.


but it gives me time to do a few things that I had put on the back burner.


I am so ready for green grass and trees.
I know a lot of people are.

Winter has been mild in Iowa this year at least where I live…..but it is so bleak and gray.

we need sunshine and colors!

apricot roses

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