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so I was looking at videos of my youngest grand daughter from a year ago.

In one of the videos Max is in the back ground.

I am so thrilled that I have him on video.
I still miss him something awful.

He was such a good dog.

Love you buddy….

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The day is over, the night has come…..let go of what happened, what is done is done.

Tomorrow dawns a new day……start it right, wake up and pray…..


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I am having myself a three day weekend this weekend.

it is like a little gift of roses to me.

I have no plans for this weekend other then having all of our kids over for Matt’s birthday dinner on Sunday.

He wants ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans, broccoli, corn and dinner rolls.

He said “don’t bother with cake and ice cream mom, because I will be too full of the good stuff to eat that”
So I won’t make a cake.


I will enjoy three days away from work.




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My sister’s grandson is ten years old, he name is Demetri and he has cancer of his lymph nodes.

it is scary and frightening to think of so I can only imagine she is scared out of her mind.

This is the same sister who has been having radiation treatments for cancer in her Liver.

She goes back next week to have another MRI to see if the cancer is gone.

and now her grandson has cancer.


I’m told he is being a little trooper and trying to be tough.

But it has only been a few days of chemo and the doctor told my sister it could take three or four days before it started affecting her grandson to the point where he will be sick from the chemo.


By the Grace of God, Demetri will be fine and pull through this.

I know it is in the Lord’s hands and only HE will decide if Demetri pulls through this.

Our Lord may decide to take Demetri home to be with Him.

I hope He doesn’t as I am not sure how my sister and or my nephew would handle that.

But I do believe it is all in the Lord’s hands.

And only He will decide how it all ends.

In the mean time all I can do is pray.

And I do pray several times a day for Demetri to get through this.



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it felt almost like spring yesterday when one went outside.

It was 40 degrees out and it felt incredibly wonderful.

unfortunately we live in Iowa though and today has started at 30 but the temperature will fall all day long.

By Sunday it will be a blustery 1 degree.


The temperature will slowly climb again close to thirty next week but we just have to get through another frigid weekend.


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another unique picture.

I fancy it is the 1800’s and the mud and black unyielding sky, produces a young woman trying to fancy up her little cabin….with a red rose and some wine.




Sure wish I could write….

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This picture makes me think of my mother, who loved to draw and found the human body a wonderful subject to have unfold on her blank canvas.

I love the mountains in it and the sweeping of the clouds.

The girl is pretty too.


I just really enjoy unique pictures.


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