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I am always looking for unique pictures.

this one above fits.

not even sure where I found this picture.

but I like it…..just because it is different


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I want to quit this job and find something more enjoyable to do.

There is a job opening in my home town but it is second shift.

still I think I would enjoy it immensely.

It is working in a assisted living nursing home and helping to care for the residents there.

Not sure if I would have to be certified or not since it isn’t really a part of the nursing home, just an extension of it


I could probably work 16 hour days for the next five months until I can retire from here…..


I don’t need a billion dollars (The Powerball winnings right now)

but I sure would like a few hundred thousand to play with.



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so my sister has this picture as the heading on her blog.

it is a beautiful picture.

makes me want to go to Florida even more.



but I won’t as my husband wants his two car garage this summer.

And he deserves it.

So I can’t spend money and or plan any vacations.


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