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Been out shoveling snow.

My God it is heavy and of course I hurt my back.

legs are sore too from lifting the snow from the steps to throw it off of the area that people walk on.

I have only shoveled steps.

No sidewalks as they are supposed to have a tractor come around and do all the sidewalks.

No one has been here yet.

if they haven’t come by tomorrow I will use the snow blower and do them.

damn I am too old to be shoveling heavy snow.


back yard

my deck in the above picture


Iowa City got about 3.5 inches of snow after the sleet and freezing rain and where I live got about 1.5




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with a little less then two inches of snow and a lot of freezing rain, it means winter has arrived in Iowa.

I still long to be in Florida where the sun is shining and the temperatures are close to perfect…..

but winter in Iowa is where I am…….


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I have to get this off my chest.

I actually have thought it for  years but now I am going to throw it out there once again.


Why are they remaking Star Wars forty years later?
I know they can only think of the money but honestly why does the American people even care?
in my opinion the film makers have become lazy.

with all of the hundreds of good books out there that would make excellent movies….why redo something over and over and over again?

I know they think….to pull in the younger generation.

But really….Batman against Superman?
Two or three Spiderman movies (with a different man playing Spiderman)in a five year span?

The Marvel movies with super heroes?

I can’t believe the American people have become so shallow that all they want is the special affects????

I took my three grandchildren to  Star Wars this last weekend.

All three were bored out of their minds

To me all it was, was the same old story with different characters.

Who cares?
Obviously the American people do….

but yikes……it is all fluff





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without the Christmas decorations and the snow on the ground, this little place looks like a small worn down place on the cedar river that I would see when ever we went tubing last summer.


It actually reminds me of my childhood as well, because there was a lot of depleted unloved shells of houses that gracefully poised on the banks of the Iowa river


our beloved gray house being one of them.

I wish I had a picture of that old gray house.


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