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I know it won’t be snowing any time soon but if sure feels like it could out there.

we have been spoiled with 50 degree temperatures.

This thirty something is bone chilling….



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yes  I would love to be driving on this road facing this beautiful mountain right about now………

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I feel like I need something to jump start my old body.

I feel rather down today.

Not sure if it is that I am tired or if it is the working blues.

I so badly wish it was Friday so I can be rid of staff and students and clean and things stay clean.

Yes I know it will happen in a few days ……but I’m not feeling very patient today.


zippity do dah day


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I am grateful   1 comment


I love this picture.

I could just sit and watch it for an hour or two.

it soothes me which I suppose is a bit strange but it does never the less…..

I am so very grateful for all that I have.

I should not complain in anyway shape or form.

I am so very blessed in dozens of ways.

Life is good….


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Even though I have a three page list of things to do over Christmas break, it almost seems insane for me to work when everyone else is off enjoying the holiday season.

Granted I only have to work six of the fourteen days but still…..

I’m too dedicated I guess.



And even though there is no snow on the ground……I still wish I was heading some where on vacation…..


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I got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night.


I was still tossing and turning at ten forty pm.


I so hate it when  I can’t sleep

And then my wonderful dog got me up at three thirty.

So I have been up since then.

Doesn’t make for a good start of the day.


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