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Christmas blessing


I hope everyone who reads this has a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

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tofino british columbia

AS much as I want to be near the ocean and relaxing I am forcing myself not to take a vacation until next Summer.

It’s going to be hard though because the ocean has been calling me for weeks and I don’t see that easing up any time soon with colder temperatures coming.



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Because my husband is the biggest procrastinator that walks this earth, I got him a $500 gift card to Menards.

But it is actually for me.

For a few months now I have wanted him to build me a book case.

A floor to ceiling unmovable book case.

And he puts it off saying when we have the money….

So I got him the gift card so he has the money.


But I want the walls to be redone in our garage as well.
So if he chose to spend the money on that I would be equally pleased.

Our garage is our meeting place outside when the weather is decent.

Weather it is just Rick and I or the kids and grandkids are visiting

We are outside and the garage door is open and the door to the deck is open and we get a great breeze but don’t have the sun on us.

But the walls in the garage are hideous and need replaced so badly.

So which ever way he wants to spend the money from Menards I will be happy.


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