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113OR AJ0026 001

Orca Whale Breaching Glacier Bay Composite SE

I so wish I was here taking this picture of this Orca Whale.
I love them so.

Maybe one day I will make it to Alaska and get to see them in person.



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This saying could be taking two ways……I didn’t change I just woke up…..could mean….literally I just woke up, OR it could mean…..I suddenly realized that things needed to be different so I just woke up to the reality of it.



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So my plan to go on vacation this next year will take three weeks to drive.

That seems like a long time to be away from home and away from my grandchildren.

My thought was to drive to Montana through South Dakota to Glacier Mountain National Park in Montana.

Then drive down to Yellowstone National Park, then down to Estes Park in Colorado before heading home again.

I figured it will take about three weeks to do all of that driving plus stay a few days to enjoy the scenery.

Maybe I will have to re-think it…..

Maybe we should just fly to Montana for a week……





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My grand daughter Kayla is taking piano lessons so she has been showing me what she has learned.

This has prompted me into trying to play myself.

I am so very bad.
Really bad, but I believe practicing will help me improve.

I can’t read sheet music so I have to find songs that have the letters of which keys I need to play

I can play (badly) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Old McDonald Had A Farm.

I am have way decent on Doe A Deer.


Still it is fun and costs nothing so…….what the hey…….


AND it is winter time in Iowa, so I need little hobbies to take up my time.




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Christmas is two weeks and three days away and I am not in the Christmas mood yet.

Not sure why.

They started playing Christmas songs on the radio and I dislike that immensely.

A Christmas song now and again is fine but hours upon hours of Christmas songs?

Nope not for me.

I wish I was heading for Florida over Christmas break but….I’m not so….I just have to deal with it…..


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