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I am reading a book written by a woman who was the mother to this beautiful young woman.
Sharon Rocha wrote “A Mother’s Story Of Love, Loss and Justice”

Laci was murdered by her husband Scott Peterson thirteen years ago this Christmas.

In fact 13 years ago on December 10th  Scott Peterson told his girlfriend that he had lost his wife and this would be his first Christmas alone.
Laci wasn’t even dead yet but obviously Scott Peterson intended to take care of that.

It is a very sad story to listen to Sharon Rocha go through such pain and grief over losing her beautiful daughter.

It is incredibly sad to think Scott Peterson (or any man) think they have  the right to kill a woman just because he has decided he no longer wants to be married to her.


This story touches me.
I remember hearing about it when it had happened.
I remember hearing the verdict that found Scott Peterson guilty of first and second degree murder

First for Laci and second for their unborn son Connor.

I remember yelling “YES!!!!!!”   when I heard the verdict on the radio as I was driving home from work.

No one should be allowed to murder someone else.

I can’t help but think of Laci every single day and how life was for her thirteen years ago before her husband whom she loved and trusted decided he wanted to be rid of her.

I haven’t quite finished the book, but it is a good read and it touches me deeply.

Lord knows we live in a very sick twisted world and I know Laci Peterson isn’t the only woman who has been murdered by her husband.
My own cousin was murdered by her ex boyfriend.

I just wish people could stop being so mean and hateful to each other.

Why couldn’t Scott just have divorced Laci?
I imagine because then he would be responsible for the child (child support) even when he didn’t want the child.

I know Laci and her baby are in Heaven as are all innocent people who have done nothing wrong to warrant someone taking their lives.

Hold them close Dear Lord….

I know their souls are better off in Heaven with You then down here, but I do pray for all the loved ones who have to suffer at the death of someone they love deeply.

Especially those who die so senselessly.







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