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this was taken in Fargo North Dakota.



Fargo North Dakota.jpg


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cold, headache and Thank God it is Friday   Leave a comment

I have a cold.
I can’t stop sneezing.


Have a stuffed up nose as well, although to me having it stuffed up isΒ  99.9 % better then having a runny nose.

I also have a headache.

Joys of life.

But Thank God it is finally Friday.

And even though looking back it seems like the week went fast I am so very thrilled for my beloved Friday’s.

2 weeks from today will be the last school day for 2015!


And even though I have to work six of the fourteen days the kids have off, I don’t mind because I will be the only person here and my cleaning will stay cleaned.





Posted December 4, 2015 by Marge in ramblings