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I dreamt last night that I found a surrogate mother to be artificially inseminated with my eldest son’s sperm and have the baby and I would raise it.

it is the third time I have dreamt this dream

My son Brian has always wanted a baby of his own.
Well his wife wouldn’t have one for him and got her tubes tied several years ago.

Brian is raising her daughter as his own.

but deep down he has always wanted his own baby.

I so badly wish I could find someone who would carry the child for him, and we would never let the wife know….

And I would raise the baby…..

Crazy I know…..


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I know Kathy, you are wishing you could spend Winter in Iowa.


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we had a really windy thunderstorm last night and with it we got a blast of cold air.

I think it is here to stay

Parts of Colorado got 8 inches of snow.

Luckily we only got rain.

But one can definitely tell that winter is heading our way…..

We have had a great Fall this year….

no complaints…..

and in two weeks it is Thanksgiving so it is time to be more winter like in Iowa……


AND  I love the way the snow clings to the trees.

so beautiful……..

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